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At present there are 18 ICAR-recognized institutions/programs offering B.Tech. (Dairy Technology) degree course . The uniformity in dairy education among the dairy technology institutions has improved with the implementation of the Fourth Dean’s Committee Recommendations throughout India. While the standard of the graduates produced by the present Dairy Technology institutions is gradually improving , much needs to be done in terms of infrastructure and trained manpower at most if the institutions.

e-Learning is the current trend in synchronous classroom education as well as asynchronous distance education. There is no denying the fact that learning is a deeply personal act that is facilitated when learnng experience are relevant , reliable , and engaging. New technologies have the potential to engage the learners. However, technology in and of itself may not guarantee better learning. But when effectively deployed, technology can help focus attention while attracting and maintaining a learner's interest. Technology engages learners by structuring and organizing information, by displaying and demonstrating procedures and operations.It can help make a learning experience more memorable and can help relate new information to that which already exists. e-Technology can help provide a virtual class room with all the desirable elements for effective learning.



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